Puka Beer

Handicraft beer, with outside fermentation, mountain water of Puke (high% of Mg), such as malt (processed barley) from Czech Republic – Slovakia – Holland, lupolos from Bavaria, yeast from Ireland and Dutch technology assistance. With Dutch Beer Basters.

Beer Houz Puka is part of  Turizëm Puka Hotel, a beer that is produced by the technologist Halit Sina under the consulence of the dutch technologist Rikers Braun.

This bio beer is produced just a few meters away from the hotel.

Fresh and without conservants, this beer is special for its wonderful taste from the fresh and clean water of the springs of the Puka region




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Birra Puka

It is located in Puke

GPS coordinates:
Latitude nord: 42.0470° N
Longitude est: 19.8961° E