Subashi Olive Oil

Subashi is located in Marikaj of Tirana, in the middle of hills planted with olive trees. Subashi is an autochthonous extra-virgin olive oil producer. Our trees age varies from 70 to hundred-year old up to 2500 years old.

Our products are:

extra-virgin olive oil, cracked olives, olives, olive pate, olive leaf for tea, olive oil soap, infused herbs in olive oil for cooking, massage, cosmetics, health. We call them products from olive chard.

Subashi Olive Oil Tour, is one of the activities that we organize every weekend for families, schools and organized groups, to see the flora and fauna of the place, to visit the oldest olive tree, to taste olive oil and to see olive processing etc. It is a beautiful experience of educating with olive oil.


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It is located in Vore – Tirane,

Rruga Marikaj, Marikaj Qender.