Ulliri Beratit

From 2400 year old city of Berat, built at the foot of Mount Tomorri, the legendary residence of the Gods

From Berati, the place of purple and golden codices from the 6-th and 9-th century

From Berati of Mangalem, Kala, Gorice neighborhoods, known as the city of “one over one windows”

From Berati, part of UNESCO Heritage

From Berati, city of the millennial fortress still inhabited today

From the Bilcas olive groves, in front of the ancient Kala and Mangalem neighborhoods, on the long side of the river Osum, comes Berati authentic Olive, famous for its special values and flavor, especially for the table

Each olive is collected and chooses by the hands of mothers, sisters and women of Berati. Typical Albanian flavor

From another native Albanian variety Kalinjoti, is produced an extra virgin olive oil, well-known for its taste and high food values.




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It is located in Berat.

GPS coordinates:
Latitude nord: 40.7086° N
Longitude est: 19.9437° E